Volunteers who are going to arrive in KILIMANJARO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT are going to be met by our staff with transport to their placements. Placements are houses which have been arranged by our staff. This includes accommodation and three square meals. For those who want to stay in house family it can be arranged. OUR STAFF ARE GOING TO TEACH THEM SIMPLE SWAHILI LANGUAGE.

Community Service

We have been on the forefront in helping the needy in the society: the elders, orphans as well as widows. We offer financial help in addition to psychological and emotional help such as counselling and advice. The elders as a pilar to our society are well taken care of and all their needs are met, we try to keep them comfortable in the community as well. Concerning Widows and orphans we have regular activities to visit and offer our assistance in their well being. We offer food and clothing donations from our volunteers as well as put the contribution money to good use in their daily lives. We make sure their education is catered for, they are well fed, also their health is taken into consideration.


Some of the activities we engauge in aroung the adjacent community are listed below. We try to motivate our volunteers to take active part in the various activities as it would help to have some outside help in such matters.


a. Those who want to assist in teaching or giving knowledge of any kind will be allowed to visit primary schools or secondary schools according to their profession. They are going to be assisted by our local teachers and our staff if need be. We advice them to teach English which will greatly aid in the development of the locals. b. Those who are skilled in health and disease sciences can offer their knowledge in our local community with the assistance of our staff.


Volunteers who are interested in sports are going to coach various sports in schools and in villages surrounding their placements.


Those who want to assist in environment in the villages surrounding their placements will have the posibility to educate in the best practices of environmental conservation and planting trees.


Volunteers who have got know-how in medicine and health sciences will be given an opportunity to interact with the local dispensary and hospitals and give their insights.


Those with skills in entrepreneurship are going to assist local community in small scale industry: poultry, piggery, farming etc. Apart from that they will give their advice on lucrative and modern entrepreneurship and business practices


Those who want to engauge in research in our local community are going to be assisted by our experienced staff for their studies.

Lastly our volunteers to have local touring during weekends and public holidays during their stay in the villages surrounding their placements. This is included in the package. For those who want to go on safari or climbing mountain Kilimanjaro or go to Zanzibar islands are going to be advised by our staff for cheap prices and trustworthy companies.


We offer the services free of charge, the cost incured at the various tour locations are as per an individuals budget. We aim to protect our visitors from extortion from local tour operators. The only help we need is voluntary contribution to our cause and activities. Entertainment such as clubbing will not be organised by us. You can be directed to the common joints.

Incase there is need for prior preparations you can make arrangements through the following account and Godwin as your connect.

Contributions/Donations Payable to STANBICK BANK MOSHI BRANCH TZ Accnt No. 0121421309501