PLEASE NOTE: We are not charging any amount for these services all the payments will be done individually at the designated locations if charges are incurred.
All the money paid throgh us for prior arrangements will be used to organise for transportation to and fro the airport accommodation and provision of basic necessities.

We will be connecting to specified tour locations at no cost, all the charges for entraces on the various locations will be covered by your own budget. We are non profit making we just desire to have all tourists use their own budget with no extortion from various tour services offered by private organisations.

(1-3) Adults

They will be taken to the villages to see the customs and traditions practiced, administrative organisation as well as pastoral activities practiced. They will also have an opportunity to see caves that were used during the 2nd world war. In addition to that they will be taken to a natural occuring underground pool.
There will be also a day trip to see hills and valleys in the area as well as Lake Chala which borders Kenya.

5 adults onwards

They will have a day trip which includes 5 hours trek to and from the Kilimanjaro Natural Park from gate to the first herd. This will enable you to see various species of birds and monkeys available in the area.

10 adults onwards

They will have an option to visit Tanga with all inclusive meals as well as accommodation. They will have a chance to see the famous 150 million year old Amboni caves. The caves have religious significance to the local people who pray and make offerings in one of the shrines. For a section of locals, the caves have been long-known as the place to worship to pray for different needs. Chamber number one is used for the prayers, in what many people associate with superstitions.
In addition to that they will be taken to the Tanga Beaches, Tarangire and Manyara Nationl Parks which boasts of over 500 different species of birds and more than 60 species of larger animals. As well as natural spring with warm water that is condusive for swimming.

20 adults onwards

They will have a posibility of visiting Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Center, h ere they will see the great widerbeest migration as well as a number of other large animals. Serengeti is famous for its annual migration of over 1.5 million white-bearded (or brindled) wildebeest and 250,000 zebra and for its numerous Nile crocodile and honey badger.


We offer the services free of charge, the cost incured at the various tour locations are as per an individuals budget. We aim to protect our visitors from extortion from local tour operators. The only help we need is voluntary contribution to our cause and activities. Entertainment such as clubbing will not be organised by us. You can be directed to the common joints.

Costs to cater for accommodation,food and transport on the safaris taken will be: 2000 USD, 1,832.60 Euros or 1,596.60 GBP. This will cover expenses on all the services being offered additional services will be up to the visitors.

Contributions/Donations Payable to STANBICK BANK MOSHI BRANCH TZ Accnt No. 0121421309501